The Dolly Parton Story – featuring Andrea Pattison and the Partoners.

“One of the best live shows we have had recently at the Pavilion Theatre Glasgow, to call this a tribute show would be an injustice, it is much more than that, shut your eyes and it was Dolly! The four piece band sounded more like eight. And nice people to work with… See you back next year.”

– Iain Gordon, Glasgow Pavilion Theatre Manager

This show pays tribute to one of the greatest icons of popular music: Dolly Parton. The stunning vocals of Andrea Pattison are backed by an all live 4 piece band. You can expect to hear accurate versions of Dolly’s most celebrated material, from her early Country classics such as “Coat of Many Colours” through to her later smash hits such as “Islands in the Stream” and “9 to 5”.

“As Andrea walked on stage singing “9 to 5” she did Dolly justice in every way possible. Her fabulous voice, her costumes and her mannerisms bore such close resemblance, if you closed your eyes you could easily believe it was Dolly herself. The first half consisted of many of Dolly’s famous hits such as “Jolene”, “Coat of Many Colours”, “Two Doors Down” and many more. The audience had no trouble clapping and singing along. When Andrea left the stage to change costumes, lead guitarist John, who also has a fine voice, gave us a very good version of Kenny Rodger’s “The Gambler”.

During the interval I heard a lot of people say how good they thought Andrea’s portrayal of Dolly was and how witty and clever her one liners and asides were. The second half of the show featured Dolly’s more modern hits such as “Little Sparrow” and “Here You Come Again”. Andrea also sang one of her own songs, “Starting From Here”. I had the chance to talk to Andrea before the show and after hearing her North East accent it was quite a revelation when I first heard her speak on stage as Dolly. Andrea has loved Dolly since she was very young and said she relates to Dolly’s song writing, as she’s also from a very large family. The musicians did a great job and the audience didn’t want the show to end. We had three encores before Andrea left to tremendous applause.”

Dave Walker
Cross Country Magazine

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